Jeddo’s story all began when we came to the new property in Waelder. Our fence builder found an orphaned calf over by the end of our land. We looked for Jeddo for THREE whole days. He was only a few days old, and Jeddo even had some umbilical cord on him still! When we finally managed to catch him he had been without any food or water for a week so we had to force a bottle down his neck. He was so malnourished!


And we had to bottle feed him for six whole months. Twice a day, everyday!



Jeddo was so skittish at first, he didn’t trust humans all that much. Who knows what he saw or how he got separated from his momma so young. Well, he was very lucky to find us however he did. Now, Jeddo has gone from a weak and emaciated calf to a healthy young man!



It must be all the carrots he loves snacking on!



We couldn’t be happier to have Jeddo here with us at Rowdy Girl.


Jeddo is available to sponsor in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.