Leo story begins when we was chosen to be the “project”  of one special FFA senior. The student’s mom ended up falling head over heels in love with Leo. The mom was absolutely devastated when she found out that her son’s animal, Leo, might have to go to slaughter. She never expected to fall in love with this sweet lamb. She said that she had really found herself again in her time spent with Leo. She found that she was laughing and being herself with Leo. She was bawling her eyes out when she brought Leo here (her son in tow). She said she never expected to fall in love with Leo, but that’s what happened.

Thanks to their loving decision, Leo can be here at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary now. He is happy with his new sheep friend Demarcus.

Leo was never meant to be a “project.” Leo is meant to be here, where he can just be a sweet and happy little sheep.