Omen was the one that got away.


Omen was a rescue from a BIG Arkansas plant. One day, a member of my team – Riyuji – and I were at one of the farms we work with when we passed a major chicken plant, a great big one. I was unable to resist the temptation to turn right in.

It was broad daylight and there were cars everywhere. I drove around to where we saw all these trailers filled to the brim with chickens. There must have been thousands of them just crammed into these trailers. 

We saw one lone chicken under the trailer and we immediately knew we had to take her back to RGS with us. So Riyuji got under the trailer and ushered her towards me. After she was safely in our hands, we got ourselves out of there.

We stopped at a dollar store and got a towel and some water and food for her to prepare her for the journey. 


Omen drove all the way back to the sanctuary Riyuji’s lap — the whole 9 hour drive.



We probably could’ve gone to jail, but we didn’t even think about any of that. We just wanted to save this one lone chicken who managed to be under the trailer when we were driving through.