Roo was one of those horses that everyone loved. He was sweet, mild natured and reminiscent of a Unicorn. He had one blue eye and one brown eye and I always said that if you looked just right you could see an iridescent spiral coming forth from between his eyes. 🦄 Roo was magical. We acquired Roo from our niece when she was unable to have adequate space for him about 9 years ago. He instantly became part of our family and over time he was cherished by everyone that came to the sanctuary.

In 2021, he developed a lump on his neck that was an inoperable cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). It got worse and worse with time and we were warned that the day would come when we would have to make the hard decision of saying goodbye to our friend. The vet thought he might make it through the summer but the cancer worsened and went into his jaw and the wound would not heal.

We are so grateful for the memories, love and cherished moments with Roo and if you knew him we would love to hear your memories too. So long friend – run free across the rainbow bridge.

Photo Credit: Sylvia Elzafon