The Guinness World Record for the oldest cow is 48 years and 9 months. Sofie is believed to be 37 years old. Prepare yourselves for this story! Sofie was considered a living sacrifice by her caretakers, and as a symbol of faith by the church who healed Sofie when she was injured (to be more accurate, someone reported that Sofie had been purposely stabbed!) 

“I desire mercy not sacrifice,” Mathew 9:13. Sofie’s caretaker Donna had known Sofie ever since she was born. When she surrendered Sofie to Rowdy Girl, this was not a sacrifice; it was a display of kindness, human empathy overcoming a cold, capricious world. This was the best option for Sofie because Donna had to sell the land on the ranch, not that this transition didn’t come with challenges. 

As Sofie’s family was in the process of selling the land, the new landowners took down the fencing and Sofie escaped. She ended up running near the highway, a little too close for comfort. Sofie had to stay the night right next to a sale barn with sounds and smells of tortured animals all around her. Her perfect world would have been shattered and her life was in the balance. She had no idea she would have a soft landing the next day at Rowdy Girl.

Sofie arrived very stressed. She had lost one of her horns in transport and when she offloaded the trailer she fell to the ground onto her knees before getting her bearings and running to the back of the pasture, terrified and in pain.

We are happy to report that now that Sofie has arrived, she is getting used to her new home, her injuries have been managed, and her spirit is settling. Respectfully, Rowdy Girl caretakers are letting her do so at her own pace with anti-inflammatory pain medicine to help. 37 years with one family is a long time! But slowly she is coming around, and even more so when Renee sings to her. We are very glad you are here now, Sofie <3. We wish we could read your mind and mend your heart. You’re safe, our special angel.

Update: Our beloved Sofie passed away in 2022.